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A Star solution, the market leader has its service offering across a wide range of finance products. Home loans, loan against property, home improvement loans, balance transfer and top-up loans to salaried and self-employed customers are some of its key products. A star solutions, offers these all across the middle and premium segments.

The very core foundation of A start solutions is built across expert qualities and ethos of its guardian organization, and has obtained and kept up a notoriety for dependability, straightforwardness of operations and supreme trustworthiness.

A Star solutions is continuously expanding its business horizons and constantly endeavoring to introduce innovative products and services to cater to the requirements of its customers.
With a sound interest in financial services, A Star solutions has been a revelation since its existence. Considered as one of the leading companies in India, A Star solutions always lives up its reputation.

What sets A star solutions apart from other competitors is the ability to adapt to the varying customer needs from a spectrum of a diverse customer base. With an ever growing list of customers cutting along individual retail customers as well as large companies, banks, multinational companies and small and medium-enterprises, it has been a name to reckon with.

A Star solutions is a 'Financial Services' initiative where customers are cut across various functional bases and their entirely variant financial requirements.

Know Your Bank

One key element which many of us don’t pay the attention to is knowing the bank completely. When a bank goes that extra mile to collect data and do the background check for the customer, why are you not doing the same with the bank. Unavailability of data on all banks all under one roof is what's stopping you from doing it. You as a customer should be empowered and we understand it. Through our intensive backend work, we have aggregated all the vital subtle elements, including products, interest rates and so on - about every bank, all in one spot.

Product Guides

Our Product Guides are the perfect guide for you. It covers everything from the typical loan application process, documents required the eligibility criteria, typical associated costs (in addition to the interest charged) to tax implications (if any) and explains about it in the simplest way. Along with these, it gets you an insight to the negotiation tips which will help you in getting a better deal.

Expert Advice

Asking questions is part of human nature and we’re here to give you the answers. Despite everything you have, you can still have an inquiry that has been left unanswered. From today, no such worries. You have the choice to post it for nothing on the A STAR SOLUTIONS enquiry page. While we can't guarantee that we will have the capacity to answer all inquiries posted here, we will unquestionably try.
As of now we are thinking about how possible it is about growing our expert team so we can offer advisory services for a free where we will have the capacity to ensure a response inside two business days.
Should you be keen on such services, please send your request to customercare@astarsolution.com

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