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Home Loan

ICICI Bank Home Loan is a one-stop solution to own your dream home. Whether your goal is to purchase or build a new house, we offer a wide range of products to meet your requirements. We offer affordable Home Loans at attractive interest rates for a tenure of up to 30 years. Apply for a Home Loan online and avail digital sanction in 5 simple steps through ICICI Bank Express Home Loan, a self-service digital platform for our existing customers, non-ICICI Bank customers as well as Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). Your Home Loan journey becomes simpler due to nil documentation required.

Home Improvement Loans:

ICICI Bank Home Improvement offers an endless series of home décor solutions, for your dream home. Redesign the home of your dreams with our design partners. Renovate your home with the help of Livspace’s careful research, combined with their technical know-how and artistically inclined judgement.

Our home décor experts ensure a personalised design plan, perfected to your choice and rendered at a cost effective price.

The benefit doesn’t end here; ICICI Bank provides you with a Home Improvement/Top-up Loan to meet your Home Renovation requirement, in easy instalments.

Land Loan By ICICI Bank:

Built your assets with ICICI Bank Land Loans

Get Land Loan at the same interest as Home Loans

Attractive interest rates: Rate of interest same as home loan

Construction loans: Construction loan can be availed on land property

High tenure: Tenure of up to 20 years available


30 Year Home Loans:

30 Year Home Loans offers you the facility of tenure extension. Extended tenure enhances your Home Loan eligibility allowing you to avail higher loan amount at low EMIs.

30 Year Home Loans is applicable to salaried employees from select list of companies.

Money Saver Home Loan:

Money Saver Home loan allows you to save on the interest paid towards your Home Loan premium, thus effectively reducing your Home Loan rate of interest. Under this plan, your Home Loan Account is a Money Saver Account, where you deposit funds; your savings, bonus, increment, etc. The funds parked in the Money Saver Account reduces the interest amount, as interest is calculated on a daily basis on the difference between the principal outstanding of your Home Loan and the funds maintained in the Money Saver Account. Thus, the more the funds maintained in the Money Saver Account, the more will be the savings on interest. The funds deposited in the Money Saver Account can be withdrawn by the borrowers, as and when required. 

Now, you can apply for the Money Saver Home Loan from ICICI Bank. Use this unique financial solution to save on the interest payable on your Home Loan by keeping your surplus funds in a Money Saver Account, plus it also gives you the flexibility to withdraw the funds, at any time.

Moreover, you also get access to a chequebook, Debit Card and Internet Banking facilities, to carry out banking transactions, by opting for an Overdraft facility on the Home Loan from ICICI Bank. Apply now for a Money Saver Home Loan and save on the interest payable on your Home Loan. 

Home Loan Balance Transfer:

Balance Transfer refers to the transferring of the outstanding Home Loan balance from one financial institution to another, for a lower interest rate or for better terms. If you’re looking for ways to save for the future, switch to the ICICI Bank Home Loan Balance Transfer option. It’s a smart move, as it lets you transfer your Home Loan outstanding balance to ICICI Bank, at a Repo Rate-linked attractive rate of interest. 

Home Loan Top Up:

You can now apply for Top-Up on your existing Home Loan and use the funds to fulfill a host of requirements such as home renovation, marriage expenses, business expansion, funding of your child’s higher education or any other personal need with combination of overdraft facility.

What’s more, if you have an existing Home Loan with us, applying for a Top-Up loan gets simpler, hassle- free and with minimal documentation.

Step Up Home Loans:

With ICICI Bank Step Up Home Loans you now have the key to your dream home early in life. A product for the young salaried professional, under ICICI Bank Step Up Home Loan you can avail of a higher loan amount as compared to your loan eligibility under normal Home Loans.

What’s more, in the initial years you pay moderate EMIs, which will further step up during the subsequent years considering your income.

Eligible borrowers can avail Home Loans with attractive interest rates on both floating and fixed rate loans, lower Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs) and no pre-payment charges on floating loan rates.

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