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Home Loan Overview

Our home loan is designed customisable for our customers to make their dream of buying home comes true. Explore our variety of products for the long tenure and competitive interest rate and other benefits like Fastest in principle sanction/Pre-approved top up and many more.

Home Loan Benefits

  • Wide range of Home Loan products

  • Door step service with fast and easy processing of your loan application

  • Transparent and no hidden charges

  • Simplified documentation

  • Attractive Home Loan option

  • Balance transfer facility

  • Funding upto 30 years of tenor

Home Loan Products

Balance Transfer

You can pay off existing home loan using IndusInd Balance Transfer at a lower ROI.

Top-up Loan

Existing Home loan Borrowers can avail for top-up loans with minimal documents.

Plot plus Construction Loan

You can avail Plot plus Construction loan from IndusInd & build house in your own way.

Home Loans to NRI

IndusInd provides NRI customers with specialized offering and higher loan tenure.

Home Renovation/Extension Loan

You can upgrade your existing home to a more comfortable living space.

Approved Project Home Loan

Have a project in mind? IndusInd offers extensive inventory of pre-approved projects.

Home Loan USPs

Attractive Rate of Interest

IndusInd Banks take care of your wallet and makes your home loan affordable with attractive rate of interest.

Home Loan Transfer with ease

Transfer your existing home loan with IndusInd Bank without hassle at your doorstep.

Turnaround Time of 3 Days

You have waited for your dream home for so long, we are not about to delay it any further. With a quick turnaround of 3 days, you can immediately start picking out the curtains, the furniture and everything else that will turn four walls into a beautiful home.

Longer tenure and step-up repayments

Because buying a home is such a big expense, we have made repaying the loan easier for you. Simply pay a lower EMI with Longer Tenure.

No Prepayment Charges

Pay off your loan at any time without paying any extra charges (only for loans availed at floating rate of interest).

Inventory of pre-approved projects for funding

Have a project in mind? Then we can turn that into a reality for you with our extensive inventory of pre-approved projects. After all, your preferred home comes along once in a while so why not grab onto it!

Specialized offerings for NRI customers

Our NRI customers can enjoy customised solutions and offerings so they enjoy the best, wherever they are.

Prompt Customer Service

We have got your back with any assistance you may need pertaining to your banking and loans. What’s more, you can reach us through any of our channels, anytime, anywhere.

Pre-approved top-up loans

Now that the dream home is ready, how about renovating it to match your ambitions? With pre-approved top-up loans, you can do that and more!

Premium Credit Card

Renovate your home or go shopping like never before with a premium Credit Card that comes with attractive rewards. So, what’s on your list of things to buy?

Home Loan EMI Calculator

A home loan EMI calculator is the simplest tool to understand what your monthly payment will look like. EMI calculator is designed based on your requirement like loan amount, tenure and rate of interest to estimate your monthly EMI.

Eligibility Criteria of Home Loan

Documentation Required for Home Loans

Login checklist for Home Loan

Disbursement Documents List

Home Loan – Schedule Of Charges

Goods & Service Tax (GST charges) and other taxes, levies, etc. applicable as per prevailing rate will be charged over and above charges mentioned above.

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